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Moving to a different city or even a different country sharpens your senses. It requires keeping your eyes peeled, being alert to your surroundings and memorising them at all times. It also makes you curious about the new place. And if it is Berlin, that curiosity might become a delightful obsession.

This is what happened to me when I first arrived here in the fateful year 2000. And it only got more after I moved here for good three years later. Now, 20 years into being a Berlinerin (and - drums please! - a mum to three new Berliners), still armed with her “privilege of the outsider”, I’m just as curious about and enamoured with Berlin as I was upon my arrival.

And just as I used to on my old Wordpress blog at kreuzberged.com, I will be writing here about all the lesser-known facts and stories from Berlin’s past and present. From History juggernauts to lightweight trivia, there is nothing too small or too uninteresting about Berlin that would not attract my attention. Whether it’s the mystery of Berlin pavements and their porcine qualities, or the curious tales of Berlin’s street names, or the events that might or might not have shaken the world - Berlin is a gift that keeps on giving. My Substack will be the one to wrap those gifts for you and deliver them straight to your mailbox.

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Everything You Never Even Knew You Wanted to Know about Berlin. "Notmsparker's Berlin Companion" books Voicemap.me Berlin audio-tours The "Tagesspiegel" Berlin history column "Aus der Zeit"


Everything you never even knew you wanted to know about Berlin. Lesser-known facts and stories from the city's past and present.