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Berlin Companion Podcast
Berlin Companion Podcast Pilot

Berlin Companion Podcast Pilot

For anyone interested in history, Berlin is your playground. From old Slavic and Germanic tribes through Crusaders, alchemists and feuding houses to Prussian expansion, Emperors and world wars, including the Cold one.

But next to big events, which often changed the world  - and not always for the better - myriads of smaller things happened here daily, turning the city into what it is today: a melting pot of cultures, languages and stories. And a treasure trove of trivia.

This podcast aims to tell some of the most interesting lesser-known stories about Berlin from day one all the way until now. In no particular order, it will give you small insights into what's often forgotten or overlooked. Or is too small to make it into big history books.

So join me as we explore the nooks and crannies of Berlin. Welcome to Berlin Companion Podcast!

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